Your Future is my Future.

Whatever your goals starting your first business from this 30 year successful business site or maybe expanding your present business to another town you are going to have opportunities  that were not available when I first started my business with my father in 1960.

Let me give your a few options to consider ?

I have owned this property for over 30 years and it has generated  a great cash flow and successful businesses.

The complex  when I built the building new consisted of the warehouse 48 'x 75'' (3600 sq. ft.)  I installed a removable wall creating 2 rental units A & B. Georges cleaners has been a tenant for 10 years unit B  and would like to stay until he retires. At that time you may outgrow the rental and can remove the wall and have a drive through with an additional 2 over head doors and office. This will restore the building to it original 3600 sq. ft. with (3) 12'x12' electric operated overhead doors and 2 offices. Drive through from the front to the rear of building (75') bay.


(1) I will consider to qualified an option to purchase the entire property within 3 years of your first lease agreement.

(2) I will consider a business condo selling the warehouse units A&B pending permits at my expense.

(3) I will give an option to purchase the caretakers apt and offices if  you purchase units A& B

(4)To Qualified ONLY:  At this time I am in a position to Gave a private First Mortgage to purchase any portion of the offering. This is a limited offer and can withdrawn at anytime by Frank A. Molgano Jr. or Heirs.

 My Future is your Future?

Hello my name is Frank A. Molgano Jr. with my sidekick Rossi. Let me tell you about my Future Plans and a little about me and how my future will impact your Future. I am 79 years old and have had a very successful business career. My company Molgano Realty LLC is now a private company, I do not take listings or sell properties. Like my former 9 year tenant Manchester Power House who retired after 40 years in business it is time for me to do the same. So all my properties are for sale or lease. My personal home in Dorset, My 2 Rental homes in Dorset Village, Vermont ,a repair shop in Hartford, N.Y. and my complex in Manchester Center, Vermont.

I  like many business  started their first business in a rental location on a yearly lease agreement. Generally from 3 to 5 years.  Unfortunately my landlord would not renew my lease as he was using the space for his business.  I was lucky to find a property and built a new auto body repair shop in Darien, Connecticut. From there I expanded to 2 other auto body shops in Stamford, Darien, and New Canaan ,Connecticut and another Foreign car repair shop. After my first lease expired I made it a point to never lease another property that I could not purchase or had an option to purchase during the lease term.

I moved to Dorset, Vermont in 1980 with my sons and late wife Sueleen of 55 Years.  I purchased Powers Auto Body, designed and built the Northshire Professional Park  (7252 Main St. Manchester Center , VT. Homes, Renovations, Subdivisions. Owned many business all successful. So you are dealing with  a business person that knows his properties and how they will benefit you and the value of expanding an existing business or just starting a new.