Break the Lease ?

If you are all Ready In Business and wish to expand your present business read on.

If  your business is not meeting your expectations?

You may terminate your lease agreement as follows.


(1) Signed 3 Year Lease agreement.

(2) Rent ,First, Last and Security on signing of lease.

(3)  Rental Application, Credit checks.

(4) Town or state approval of your business.

Lease Cancellation:

(1) If your business is not successful and you cannot meet your obligations your lease can be canceled on the 7th month of your lease agreement term up until the 12th month of your lease agreement. Lease must give 90 days notice in writing.

(2) You will be required to submit a profit and loss statement from your accountant.

(3) Moving to another location for whatever reason is not considered under this  :ease agreement Guarantee.

(4) As stated $7,000 was spent to clean and repaint the area and new lights installed, 

(5) You will be required to make any repairs and clean and repaint as needed to  have the space left in a rent able condition as it was rented and  leased to you.

(6) This  Guarantee will expire on the start of the second year.

Note: It has not happened in over 30 Years.

If you presently own and operate the following business or a new startup this guarantee is your ace in the hole.


             Possible High Successful Business:

General Auto & Truck Repair Shop

Quick Lube and Inspection Center

Alignment,Tires,Suspension Repairs

Small Engine repairs,

Lawnmower, Sanders, Plows.

Towing ,Used Cars and Trucks and services.

Auto & Truck Accessories and general repairs.

Motor Cycle repairs and sales.

Snow Mobile, Jet Ski sales and services.

Auto & Truck Glass

Electric  Business

Plumbing Business

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 


Home Cleaning Service

Light Manufacturing


If you have a different business or just starting a new one  let me know and I will tell you I think you will have a chance of success at this location.